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Robin Patricia Hickman

Doll Artist, Collector and Advocate


One of Robin's greatest passions is her divinely inspired artistry and collection of multi-ethnic fashion dolls. In 1995, she launched RealTouch: A Celebration of Soulful Dolls, which presented her original restyled dolls, furnishings, accessories, stationary and photography.  Over the past 25 years Robin, Executive Producer and CEO of SoulTouch Productions, has used, now A Celebration of Soulful Dolls, “community” in motivational presentations to promote the "power of play" and uniquely to inspire creativity,  nurture positive self-esteem, and inspire the appreciation of ethnically diverse images and life-styles.  The "Soulful Dolls have been admired throughout the United States, Africa, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. They are frequent guest at SoulTouch’s Lovin’ the Skin I’m In (Lovin') sessions, hope and healing movement for girls and women of all ages, which Robin founded in 2014. In 2017, she travel to Ghana, West Africa, where girls who engage in a Lovin' program experience, were gifted dolls and photos of dolls in their image. 



The The Soulful Doll artistry has been on exhibition at the St. Paul Gallery, The Gathering: Women of Color Expo and was included in the Purple Rain Philanthropy Arts and Music Expo. Robin created and presented a customized Soulful doll to the tribute Prince Expo founder, Sheila E. Her collection and artistry has been featured on the HGTV series Collectible Treasures, TPT’s documentary Close the Gap: Race Disparities and Minnesota Public Radio, and in the Star Tribune newspaper, Mpls./St. Paul magazine, the Huffington Post.  Robin’s dolls styled and profiled in their costume designed miniature millinery (hats) on displayed at the Guthrie Theater during it's presentation of the play "Crowns". The Soulful Doll Crowns Collection have sold as “hat pins” at select Twin Cities gift shops. 

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